iRest Massager TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator

Tens Unit Muscle Stimulator:

In recent years, People use Tens unit muscle stimulators to relieve pain for several different types of illnesses and conditions. It is often used in the treatment of muscle, joint, or bone related problems which occur with illnesses such as fibromyalgia or osteoarthritis, and for conditions like neck pain, joint pain, bursitis or tendinitis.

Tens unit muscle stimulators are designed to provide relief by sending comforting, non-painful impulses through the skin to the nerve or nerves below. This electronic stimulation helps to reduce or eliminate the pains which an individual feels due to a nerve disorder or chronic health condition.

Tens unit muscle stimulators make use of stimulating pulses to distract your mind and help prevent pain signals from reaching your brain. These units play a very important role in the production of Endorphins, which serves as the bodies own natural painkillers. Endorphins are natural feel-good chemicals, very essential for relieving pain and mood enhancement for persons suffering from chronic pain related conditions.

Most TENS units are designed to offer a variety of modes and programs so that therapy can be targeted to suit an individual’s needs depending on the level of pain and the condition from which they suffer from. Adjusting the modes on these units to obtain maximum relief from pain is relatively easy.

How To Use A TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator:

Most Tens unit muscle stimulators are designedin the form ofa small battery powered device, similar to the size of a pocket radio.To perform TENS, all you need to is connect two electrodes(wires which conduct electricity) from the machine to your skin’s surface. For effective results, it’s advisable to place the electrodes directly at a pressure point or the particular area where the pain is felt, thereby creating electrical circuit impulses which flowthrough the skin down to the nerve fibers.

Most people experience a reduction in the amount of pain when the current is delivered.Thiscould be as a result of the electrical stimulationto nerves in affected parts of the body, which transmits signals to the brain to block the regularperception of pains.

You can set up your  TENS unit muscle stimulator for different wavelength frequencies, could be at a regular flow of electrical current or a sudden surge of electrical current. Most times, these settings are determinedby your physical therapist, acupuncturist, or doctor.

People suffering from the following conditions can use the Tens muscle stimulator, under strict supervision from qualifiedmedical personnel;

  • If you have acute or chronic pain,
  • If you have post-surgicalsurgery,
  • If you suffer from post-operative incision pain,
  • If you have regular migraines or tension headaches,
  • If you’ve suffered from sports or activity injuries that cause chronic discomfort,
  • If you suffer from arthritis, tendonitis or bursitis,
  • If you have cancer-relatedpain,
  • Pregnant women who are lookingfor alternative pain control methods for labor and delivery.



TENS unit muscle stimulators are generally considered to be safe by experts. However, just like every other machine, the device could cause harm if not used properly. To avoid this situation, ask your physiotherapist or doctor to instruct you on how to use the machine properly.

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