How to use your iRest TENS Unit?

  • Make sure that your Tens machine is switched off before you start.
  • Place the electrodes on an area of the skin where skin sensation is normal. (If the area is numb, then no pain relief will be gained.) Make sure that the pads are not touching each other.
  • Switch the Tens Unit on and gradually turn the control knob (intensity) until a tingling sensation is felt. Some people  and a gentle sensation is all that is needed. Others and a stronger but comfortable sensation works better for them.


You can use the TENS machine at any time you have pain. But we suggest, the first day, that you start with 3 sessions of 1 hour each time. Check the skin under the pads after use for any redness. If your skin is tolerating the TENS, you can gradually build up the length of each treatment as the days go by. Then you can use the TENS machine at any time you have pain.

You may increase the length of each treatment if you wish. You can leave the electrodes in place between treatments even if the TENS machine is not in use but take them off once a day to wash your skin.

If you have self-adhesive electrodes, return them to the plastic sheet and bag. If they become dry, moisten them with a few drops of water and place the pads in the bag in a fridge.

If you have black re-usable carbon electrodes, wash in mild soapy water and dry thoroughly.

If you experience most of your pain overnight, the TENS unit can be used during this time.

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